Which Yoga Style is Right for You?

As the popularity of yoga grew, new styles of yoga emerged. These new forms are frequently hybrids of earlier ones, designed to provide the most benefit. There are many of different yoga styles to choose from. Here’s a simple guide to assist you in determining which yoga style is best for you. 


Calm and Restorative 

Some people do yoga to detoxify, relieve daily stressors, and feel more centered. If you wish to achieve that, you should attempt a yoga style that is tranquil and restorative. The following styles may be appropriate for you: 


Restorative – Yes, the name of this yoga style identifies the principal advantage — it’s designed to aid in the repair and restoration of the body. You’ll cycle through around five different stances, each of which you’ll hold for a long time. 


Viniyoga – Vini means adaptable, and this technique is just that. It adapts to your requirements and objectives. It’s ideal for folks who are working with disabilities or injuries. It’s usually done in a small group or one-on-one setting so that your instructor may tailor a practice to your specific needs. 


Ananda – This technique emphasizes the use of soft postures to move energy and prepare the mind and body for a tranquil state and meditation. 


Powerful and Intense  

If you’re seeking for a yoga style that will challenge you, help you build strength, and improve your fitness, the styles listed below may be the perfect choice for you: 


Ashtanga (or Astanga) Yoga is a physically difficult form of yoga. You’ll go through a variety of poses swiftly. It’s meant to increase your strength, flexibility, and endurance. 


Power Yoga, often known as Power Vinyasa, is a physically challenging yoga style. The purpose is to increase flexibility and strength. It’s also known as hot yoga, which means you’ll be doing it in a room that’s around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The purpose of hot yoga is to detoxify, and it can help you lose weight. 


Bikram Yoga — This type of yoga gives a full-body workout. You’ll go through 26 positions, all of which require strength, endurance, cardiovascular, and flexibility. Classes are always in a hot room.  


The Best of Both Worlds 

You don’t have to choose between the two ends of the spectrum. There are a variety of yoga types that are aimed to provide both mental and physical advantages. They are as follows: 


Ivengar – This is one of the most widely practiced yoga styles. The positions are vigorous and contain props, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. 


Hatha – The cornerstone of most yoga techniques is Hatha. Traditional hatha is simple to learn and appropriate for people of all fitness levels. You’ll experience both energetic and restorative and peaceful poses, which will challenge you and help you improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance. 


These are only the beginning of the styles available. Prenatal yoga is available for folks who are expecting or have recently given birth. There’s yoga for people who want to tap into their creative side and yoga for those who are competitive. If you’re new to yoga, begin with a basic form that satisfies your needs and allow yourself to grow and adapt as you gain experience. 

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