Is Clean Eating the New Normal?

Maybe you’ve been wondering what all the fuss over “clean eating” is about. What constitutes “clean eating” and what does not constitute “clean eating”? Is it necessary for me to give up my favorite foods in order to follow a healthy eating plan? And why are there so many diets on the market right now?

We understand that a clean eating habit can be difficult to maintain, but the Paleo diet, ketogenic diet, and gluten-free diet can all be part of it. A clean eating plan’s primary premise is to avoid processed foods as much as possible. That means avoiding most canned and bottled foods, as well as any other foods that have been processed to the point of no longer being in their natural state.

A sugar-free diet aims to limit the amount of sugar in foods. While certain recipes call for a sweetener during the cooking process, refined sugar is replaced with honey or pure maple syrup.

You should begin gently when incorporating clean foods into your diet. You may make a lot of modest improvements that will add up to a big difference in a few weeks. For example, if you’re used to using artificial creamers in your coffee and don’t want to go to drinking it black, you’ll need to switch to using real milk from cattle grown without the use of chemicals.

Another simple change is to give up confectionery and replace it with fresh fruit when you crave sweetness. Natural sugars abound in bananas, mangos, and ripe peaches.

It is extremely difficult to overcome a sugar addiction once it has begun. On the labels of many canned foods, sugar is hidden in plain sight. Corn syrup (a sugar) is typically stated immediately next to “brown sugar” on a label, and it goes by many various names.

If you make a few of tiny modifications each week, you’ll be eating a clean diet and feeling much better about your health in a few months. Clean Eating is the New Normal, so join the movement and make a few tiny changes this week.

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