WOW! Eight Reasons to Teach Yoga

WOW! Eight Reasons to Teach Yoga

According to a survey conducted by Idea Health & Fitness, the fitness professionals business had an incredible 85 percent work satisfaction score.


  • Job Satisfaction

"My work provides me a sense of personal accomplishment," said 98 percent of respondents polled in the same survey. People leave jobs for various reasons, the most common of which is a lack of personal fulfillment. These figures demonstrate that working in this environment is quite pleasant.

For many of us who came from the corporate world to work in the health and fitness sector, the energy in a health club, ashram, or wellness center is comparable to being on vacation.

There's always something to do, but the work is gratifying.


  • Rewards of Helping Family, Friends, Students, and Co-workers

As you find answers for other people's pain, diseases, fitness, stress management, positive thinking, and so on, your self-esteem improves.

As you continue on your path of self-improvement, the list goes on, but nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction you get from guiding someone down the right direction.

You'll never forget the student who achieves their optimum body weight, the physically challenged student who discovers that they, too, can live a better life, and the student who leaves your class without the headache or backache they had when they first arrived.


  • Your Health

You've become more aware of your daily ups and downs as a Yoga practitioner. Daily, you keep track of your breathing, posture, moods, diet, and exercise.

As a Yoga instructor, you are leading by example and educating your pupils on living a healthy lifestyle. This route will help you live longer and better lives.


  • There is no Shortage of Work

When the working world is in "9 to 5" mode, you have a lot of opportunities with Corporate Accounts, Fitness, Senior Centers, Medical Centers, Referrals, and so on. So this is when you should teach them if you have any spare time.

There were more daytime off-site Yoga teaching opportunities in a geographic area with many active Yoga teachers and studios than I had time for once I became completely self-employed. Unfortunately, due to scheduling constraints, one of my most outstanding students, who became a Yoga teacher through our on-site program, inherited a region I could no longer service.

The goal is to make contact with them. If you don't have a personal referral, this is where your postcards come in helpful.


  • Continuing Education

Learning new things does keep your mind active and healthy. You'll never run out of things to know about, discover, and examine. Yoga has so many dimensions that one lifetime isn't long enough to master them all.

It's not a race but rather an adventure. You'll meet people who are on the same path as you: friends, co-workers, and students. Giving, receiving, and sharing becomes a lovely thing along the way as a result.


  • Time

You'll have plenty of opportunities to pause, contemplate, breathe, relax, or meditate. Of course, you can always overfill your plate, but you don't have to anymore.

You can predict if you will be caught in traffic during rush hour. You get to choose your working hours and vacation days. You'll realize that you have complete control over your time.


  • Independence

Everyone wants to be in charge of their own lives, but only a few succeed. Being your boss can help you take control of your own and your family's fate.

Sure, there are limitations to what one individual can do, but it is better to attempt than never to try.


  • Success

If you write down your short-term and long-term goals, you will make significant progress toward them, regardless of what you want.

You should post these goals somewhere where you can see them every day and imagine yourself achieving them. You should be clear about deadlines and the ethical means you'll employ to meet them. They can even be used for meditation.


At least once a season and once a year, review your long-term objectives.

Review your short-term objectives daily. You will notice speedy progress if you proceed in this manner.

Finally, goals do not have to be monetary. For example, you might desire to start teaching Yoga in a year and then seek a part-time Yoga teaching job the following year. This approach to goal-setting is both practical and valuable to humanity.

That is the key: if you set a goal that benefits others, you will almost certainly succeed.


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